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Paul Wahrhaftig
Patricia Q. Wall
Portsmouth, NH
Based on thorough
research and rich in
historical detail,
Child out of Place
introduces children (ages
10 & up) to a neglected
chapter in the history of
enslaved Africans in
America New England's
Thaw Washington

Elwood Watson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of History
East Tennessee State University
Goldie Wells
Dorothy Porter Wesley
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Nathaniel Wesley, Jr
Derrick White
Dept. of History,
Florida Atlantic University

Charles Williams
Frederick Williams
Lillian S. Williams
University of Buffalo
Margo Lee Williams

Shawn L. Williams
Humanities Department
Georgia Perimeter College
I'm a Bad Man: African
American Vernacular
Culture and
as an
Afrocentric culture hero in
the tradition of African
American folklore. By
exploring Ali's connection
with the archetypes of
African and African
American orature, such as
the trickster, the bad
man, and the culture
hero, this study offers an
examination of the heroic
persona of Ali. The book
also delineates Ali's
utilization of African
American verbal practices
to consciously create
himself as an Afrocentric
folk hero. In addition, the
book offers a comparison
of Ali with his real life folk
hero predecessors, Jack
Johnson and Joe Louis.
Anita Wills
Clint Wilson
Francille Rusan Wilson
ASALH Executive Council
Marion Woodfork Simmons
Michelle Wright
"This book endeavors to
piece together the broken
utterances of 20 women
into a seamless painting of
understanding which is
representative of Black
women of the 19th
Century… It is an
examination of how the
unique position of the
African-American woman
provides her with the
ability to dissect the ills of
society, and also offers
her distinctive insight for
positive transformation..."
Review by Kam Williams