19th Century America: Fiends, Fugitives and Friends
May 26 and 25, June 2 and 3

A Conference on Enslaved Blacks, Native Peoples and Allied Others in the Frenzy of American Expansionism.

Barely twenty years after the American Revolution, racially dominant interests turned internally to securing wholesale the country’s physical land space and harnessing its resources. It was done at the consistent disadvantage — in the extreme — to Blacks and Native Peoples. Driven by greed and supported by oppressive laws and cultural norms, nonetheless, they prevailed. However, there were activities that sought to counter some of those over-arching conditions. Yes, cooperation and support were intermittent and infrequent, but they did happen. This conference will bring forward some of those experiences. Please join us in this rare probe as we look at some historical events as America unfolded from east to west.

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