Program Description
The African American History, Culture, and Digital Humanities (AADHum) Initiative at the University of Maryland is pleased to continue its AADHum Scholars Program for the 2019–2020 academic year, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. AADHum welcomes applications from students, faculty, archivists, librarians, museum professionals, and publicly engaged scholars—working inside and outside institutions–interested in advancing Black DH within a vibrant community of practice. While we welcome applicants from near and far, AADHum will not be able to offer additional funding for travel and lodging.The AADHum Scholars Program is designed for scholars committed to intentionally advancing their project, while also participating in deep exchange with the cohort. In addition to building technical skill efficacy, this program creates space for scholars to grapple with theory, critique, and implications that emerge in Black DH practice. Scholars who are self-motivated and prepared to work through this enrichment process are encouraged to apply.

Alumni of the AADHum Scholars Program have produced a robust research portfolio and thoughtful community. Both the inaugural class of AADHum Scholars and the 2018- 2019 AADHum Scholars contributed to AADHum blog, participated in Digital Humanities Intensives and Incubators, and presented during AADHum’s workshop series. Scholars also presented their work at AADHum’s national conference, Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black.

AADHum and MITH staff will offer the new cohort of AADHum Scholars individualized support to develop their digital scholarship. Proposed work can include: syllabus transformation, in-progress digital project, or developing a digital component to a dissertation, article or book chapter. AADHum and MITH staff are also pleased to plan possible publication and dissemination strategies for projects. The AADHum Scholars Program will deepen the cohort’s understanding of Black DH, giving special attention to design, ethics, DH tools, collaboration, and project management. After presenting and gaining feedback during the AADHum Intensive sessions, scholars have the opportunity to receive up to $6,500 in June 2020 to support summer research.

Program Requirements

• All AADHum Scholars are required to present their in-progress work in an AADHum Intensives session during the Spring 2020 semester
• All AADHum Scholars must attend two (2) AADHum Intensive sessions (in addition to their own) as well as two (2) working group sessions; attendance must be physical, rather than remote/virtual. Scholars can attend other sessions remotely in addition to the four mandatory in-person sessions. Dates and times for Spring 2020 Intensives and working group sessions are forthcoming. AADHum will not provide additional lodging or traveling funds.
• All AADHum Scholars must work with AADHum staff to write, revise, and publish one (1) post on the AADHum blog. AADHum will provide the guidelines for blog contributions.
• All AADHum Scholars must write a report on the outcomes of their summer work, to be submitted in August 2020.

Program Application
• To apply for the AADHum Scholars Program, submit the following materials as a single PDF to by Monday, November 18.
• Brief cover letter detailing your current/proposed research project, teaching, skills, and interests. Be sure to include any relevant project links. This program is designed to advance projects centering Black history and culture. Application readers will look for thoughtful engagement with debates in Black Studies and an awareness of methodologies of care and harm reduction in the digital space. Only applicants with explicitly digital projects will be considered.
• Current curriculum vitae.