I. President’s Report (5 minutes)
II. Secretary’s Report (5 minutes)
(Note: an overview of the June meeting)
III. Dunbar and Woodson House: Barbara Spencer Dunn (20 min)
(Note: documents attached)
IV. Membership: Barbara Spencer Dunn (15 minutes)
V. Nominating: Annette Palmer and Carlton Wilson (15 minutes)
(Note: the Committee will send the names of the individuals who submitted information to run for the upcoming election in time to review them on the May 21st call monthly EC Call)
VI. Planning: Gladys Mack (15 minutes)
(Note: presentation of the Project/Plan Approval Process: documents attached)



Day One: 10a-12:30p EST; 1:00p-3:00p
I. President’s Report, Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham (10 minutes)
II. Secretary’s Report, Karsonya Wise Whitehead (5 minutes)
III. Governance, Zende Clarke and Susan Sims Marsh (4 documents) (60 minutes)
IV. Management and Finance, Gilbert Smith and Gladys Mack (5 documents) (60 minutes)
V. Auditor, Pam Gray (30 minutes)
VI. Membership, Barbara Spencer Dunn (2 documents) (30 minutes)
VII. Programs and an Updated Conference, Lionel Kimble (1 document) (60 minutes)

Day Two: 10a-12:30p EST; 1:00p-3:00p
I. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Nominating, Annette Palmer and Carlton Wilson (1 document attached) (60 minutes)
II. Executive Director, Sylvia Cyrus (20 minutes)
III. Planning, Sundiata Cha-Jua and Anita Shepherd (1 document) (3 hours)
IV. New Business
a. Natanya Duncan: best practices suggestion for our response to world events



I. Management and Finance: Gilbert Smith (30 minutes)
Attached is the revised 2020 draft budget and another copy of the draft procurement policy. The Audit and Finance Committee is requesting that both items be approved on the Thursday, EC call.

II. Conference Planning: Lionel Kimble (45 minutes)
VP Kimble will forward a document for tonight’s meeting shortly.

III. Secretary’s Announcements (10-15 minutes)

1. The Rapid Response Committee has prepared a draft of the “Floyd Father’s Day” letter for your review (see attached). Please do not circulate and hold questions (if you have any) for tonight. Evelyn would also like to discuss the name of the committee: “ASALH Committee for Social Responsibility” (letter attached)

2. Sheila has requested a meeting of the EC to reflect and discuss, in a substantial way, how ASALH (in the spirit of our ancestors and Woodson) can Respond to what is happening in the world today and Lead in the discussion of what we (as a community and as a nation) can do going forward. Once dates are received from Sheila – a doodle will be sent out.

3. The Marketing Team has been quite busy organizing Webinars to speak to the many issues that we are dealing with in our country. They need your help to spread the word and attend the event. (I will mention the two that are coming up in the next couple of weeks). Click to here to watch ASALH TV.

a. Healing Justice: Death and Aliveness Amid Pandemics
Monday, June 22 7:00-8:30p EST
This discussion will cover Criminal Justice, Black Covid Stories, Healing Justice
Invitations have been sent to the Black press, politicians, and the leaders of civil rights organizations. Click here to register and learn more on Eventbrite.

b. Black History Bulletin: Black Lives Matter: From Enslavement to Engagement
Wednesday, July 1 6:00-7:30p EST
This discussion will feature the team from the Black History Bulletin in conversation with educators about how teachers, scholars, and parents can teach about Black Lives Matter within this current moment. Eventbrite to come



There will be a discussion regarding the letter below, sent by EC member Sheila Flemming-Hunter on June 17.

  • The vision session for the Executive Council members on July 9th at 7pm should be seen as an opportunity to imagine ASALH in a new paradigm where the current methodologies to garner our sources of funding are obsolete and an opportunity to imagine new ways to attract new resources that will attract new sources of funding as well as expand the ASALH brand.
  • The discussion will be offered in the context of planning and development in our organizational structure.
  • We will generate discussion that will lead to one BIG IDEA that all EC members as well as other constituents can contribute for implementation (members, branches, partners, etc.).
  • We should revisit the idea of The Carter G. Woodson Center (CWC) as an umbrella that the activities/programs will be housed and managed. 
  •  We should first consider low hanging fruit that can be expanded, revised, etc.  Some examples are teacher workshops, survey in  African American history course for the general public but targeting audiences for them, speakers bureau, Kiamsha, etc..
  •  New ideas may also be considered given the current national environment that is primed for education and information on Black history, culture/life, race, protest movements, children, etc..
  •  Once we develop the concept for the CWC and possible programs/activities, we should engage a development professional to develop a case statement that will encapsulate the ideas into it.  The purpose of the case statement is to have a document that will make the case for funding ASALH and its programs as well as a guide for the development staff investigation of possible donors, funders, supporters, etc.
  • The timeline and budget for this process needs to be defined by the Strategic Planning and Development Committees and perhaps Audit and Finance.  (Please see the attachment below for Shelia’s original email regarding this matter.)



1. President’s Report (5 min)

2. Secretary’s Report: (5 min)

3. Programs: Lionel Kimble (30-45 min)

          a. Awards Committee Nominations

          b. Update to the scope of work to the Dunbar Grant

          c. Update to the scope of work to NYL Grant.

          d. Presentation of 2022-2023 potential themes.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Gilbert Smith (5 min)

5. Approval of Organizing Branches for Chartering at the Virtual Conference (20 min)

NOTE: I will forward the finalized list as soon as it is received.

6. Governance: Zende Clark and Susan Sims Marsh (20 min)

Motion to amend the June 4 and 5 Minutes to add the information below

          a. Constitution Amendment 2: Removal of Officers – Our document currently provides for the removal of officers only (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary). The proposed change expands the process to include Executive Council Members.

          b. Bylaw Amendment: Add a definition of Standing Committees and provides language for Ad Hoc committees.

          c. Standing Rule: Supports the change to a current standing rule regarding noncompliance of Executive Council members to fulfill their financial obligation

7. Conference Update: Natanya Duncan (20 minutes)

New Business

8. Planting the Seed Donation – Update?



  1. Programs
  2. Black History Month Festival: Jeff Banks and Gladys Gary Vaughn

     Motion (via email): The Luncheon Committee moves that the following elements be adopted in order to carry out the 2021 ASALH Black History Month Festival comprised of virtual events to be aired on ASALH TV. These events have a projected budget of $130,000 with a proposed net income of $40,000.

  1. A marquee event featuring a conversation between Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. will be held on Saturday, February 20 at a per-ticket cost of $50.
    2. A discussion and presentation on African American Foodways and Traditions will be free and open to the public to be held on Saturday, February 6.
  2. An event for a youth audience will be free and open to the public and held on a weekday.
    4. A Book Roundtable and the presentation of the inaugural ASALH Book Award Prize will be free and open to the public to be held on Sunday, February 28.5. Selected ASALH Branch programs. 
  1. Virtual Conference: Natanya Duncan

Motion (via email): Moved by Natanya Duncan that the record show the following:

  1. The Social Activities held at the 2020 Virtual Conference were brought to fruition at the suggestion of Jacob Dorman. A committee was formed that included Aaisha Hayla, Markesha Davis, Kendra Boyd, Jasmine Young, and Kiasha Esty.
  2. Sis. Duncan asked the committee to design two tiers of social options for the conference that included live music and games. Sis Haykal volunteered with the support of Sis Davis to arrange for the games. She dubbed the social events “The ASALH Lounge”
  3. All DJs for the events were secured by Sis. Duncan and the costs covered by her and Sis. White. There was also a live band secured and a deposit paid for with the support of Bro. Jelks and Kimble. The band was canceled when the Open Mic was rescheduled at a time that would place it in competition with the Open Mic Night. Seconded by Tara White.
  4. 2023 Theme Discussion

Motion (via email): Moved by Karsonya Wise Whitehead to amend the motion previously adopted to now read that the 2023 ASALH Theme is Anti-Black Violence and Resistance. Seconded by Sundiata Cha-Jua TABLED UNTIL NOVEMBER

  1. Executive Director Evaluation Schedule and Tool, Gladys Mack (Attached)



I. 2021 Virtual Conference Discussion, Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham

            Recommendation for the EC to approve a virtual conference in 2021

II. Audit and Finance, Gilbert Smith

The Audit and Finance Committee had its monthly call on October 30th and unanimously approved the following for financial matters related to the ASALH branches.

  1. Branches with a 501(c)(3) tax exemption status should at a minimum provide the ASALH national office with its annual financial statements which include a Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activities.  The Statement of Financial Position is to include Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balance at year-end, and the Statement of Activities is to include Revenues, Expenses, and Net Income (Loss) for the twelve-month period through year-end.
  2. Branches without a separate tax exemption should at a minimum provide the ASALH national office with its annual Treasurer’s report which would reflect the cash balance at the beginning of the year, plus cash receipts for the twelve-month period to include branch member dues, donations, and other receipts, less cash disbursements for the twelve-month period to include amounts paid to the national office and other disbursements.  The net amount would be the cash balance at the end of the year.  The Treasurer’s report is to be signed by the ASALH Branch Treasurer.

These annual financial reports are to be provided to the ASALH national office by March 31 of the year following the branch’s year-end.  For example, if a branch has a December 31, 2020 year-end, the financial reports are to be provided by March 31, 2021.

III. Programs, Lionel Kimble

IV.. February Festival and Sponsorship Update, Gladys Gary Vaughn and Jeff Banks