Family Mentoring Mission Statement Activity

Start a journey of discovery. ASALH provided this activity as part of a Centennial Challenge to start its second century by inviting a new generation on a journey of discovering and documenting their family history. This activity is in honor of ASALH’s founder Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson’s quest to encourage his people to love and respect who they were born to be. This Family Mentoring Mission Statement Activity will start you and your family on your journey. Click the link below. Begin your journey by reading the summary and following the instructions provided. Enjoy your journey!!!

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Homage to the Ancestors

This short documentary film is titled “Speak Their Names.” This ‘name calling ceremony’ shows the descendants of those Africans enslaved at Monte Verdi Plantation paying homage to their ancestors. “I had the honor of producing, filming and editing a moment in history that I will never forget.” Nytesia Ross (

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