Help celebrate the progress and sustain the promise of African American museums.  
Submit a session proposal to this year’s 40th anniversary conference.
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Association of African American Museums.  This year’s conference will expand an understanding of the important roles of African American museums in all walks of life including the arts, sciences, social justice activism, advocacy, and leadership from the past to the present and beyond. This occasion provides an opportunity to look at how our museums function in the pragmatic terms of collections stewardship, fundraising, operations, community engagement, programming, and marketing. 
Using a variety of formats such as TED Talks, structured conversations, panel discussions, and skill-building seminars, presenters are invited to emphasize sustainable models for black museums, archives, libraries, and cultural centers. 
Presenters may examine any number of questions regarding the progress and promise of African American museums and are invited to explore these topics and more:
  • What practices, projects, partnerships, and procedures most advance the progress of African American museums?  
  • What does progressive and impactful programming look like in black museums?  
  • How is impact best measured?  
  • What are the best practices for fundraising in African American museums?  
  • What models of leadership have been most effective moving black museums forward?
  • How can African American museums maximize technology for greater impact and engagement?
  • What does effective succession planning look like in African American museums?
  • How can African American museums better cultivate closer relationships with donors and supporters?  
  • What is the role of social media in advancing the mission of African American museums, especially in the name of social justice? 
  • How can African American museums use intergenerational collaborations and mentoring to enhance the pipeline of prepared professionals entering the field?  
Looking toward a viable future for African American museums requires a continual tilling of the field that maximizes our possibilities. Strengthened by our roots, black museums invest in and sustain the promise of the future. During these complex times and milestone anniversaries, 150 years after the founding of the Hampton University Museum and 40 years after the creation of AAAM, we look back with thanksgiving and gaze ahead with resilience.  Join us as we celebrate our progress and sustain our promise.
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Submissions Due: February 9, 2018
Contact the Program Committee Co-Chairs if you have any questions:
LaNesha DeBardelaben,
Dr. Robby Luckett, 
Dr. Vanessa Thaxton-Ward,
2018 AAAM Program Committee