To gain the invaluable insights in Advice from the Top: What Minority Women Say about Their Career Success, Valencia Campbell reviewed research on career success, then interviewed 14 extraordinary minority women, each of whom shared stories about the path(s) to the top of her field. But this book goes beyond the usual superficial profiles of women achievers. Rather, it shares their views on what constitutes success, the factors they consider important to their success, and the obstacles they encountered and overcame.

The book also provides concrete action steps designed to help readers vault the hurdles encountered by the women profiled, and to do so with aplomb. And it offers insider advice on how to overcome bias to reach goals. Perhaps most important, Advice from the Top will inspire minority women who want to advance their careers, leaving a lasting legacy for all those who care about improving the status of women in our society.


  • Includes profiles of successful minority women such as millionaire business owners Cathy Hughes and Eunice Dudley, nonprofit executive Jane Smith, former White House staffer Zina Pierre, and television anchor Andrea Roane
  • Provides concrete action steps minority women can take to avoid common pitfalls and make it to the top of their chosen fields
  • Spotlights the enormous contributions minority career women continue to make in this country with the goal of helping many more attain success
  • Will help organizations, educational institutions, and businesses develop and support career and mentoring programs that promote the success of minority women.

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