Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival, Inc. are complying with protocol from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the State of Tennessee Governor, Shelby County Health Department, Mayors Strickland, Harris and other national health officials regarding cancellation and postponement of events during the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Festival’s cancellation was based on worldwide impact, analysis, health restrictions, research, regulations and safety measures surrounding the COVID -19 Pandemic in mid-March 2020. Therefore, we will maintain our contact with city, county, state, regional, national professional officials regarding rescheduling for 2021 of Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival,Inc. Afterwards, the Executive Director, Associate Director, and  Community Advisory Board communicated  and collaborated with Memphis/Shelby agencies, executives, mayors and constituents, such as Memphis Travel, The Greater Memphis Chamber, Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival’s Advisory Board, Mayors,  Corporate Sponsors, Donors, Artists, Ambassadors, International Delegations, Memphis/Shelby County Police & Sheriff Departments, Code Enforcement, Vendors and Presenters, Vendors, Performers, Volunteers, Exhibitors and Presenters for advice regarding  the status and production of Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival 2020 during COVID-19. 


Consequently, at this time after three decades of producing exceptional quality programs embracing a 3. 2 million dollars tourism economic impact with an attendance of 35,000 annually, we are cognizant of observing protocol, safety, health guidelines and statutes. Therefore, we are committed to respecting the recommendations of professionals, officials, authorities and experts regarding rescheduling of Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival, Inc. in 2021. In conclusion, we are extremely grateful to Memphis/Shelby County, the State of Tennessee, sponsors, staff, affiliates, regional, national and global connections for their journey  with us providing professional assistance, advise, cooperation, sponsorships, donations, volunteerism and  resources  embracing, showcasing, exposing engaging and connecting communities via “The Windows of The Arts”.

Respectfully submitted,

David L. Acey, Sr. Executive Director/Yvonne B. Acey, Associate Director