African American Studies Instructor (Full-Time, Tenure Track). This position should be filled prior to Spring 2021.

Job Duties:

1. Teach a full load (15 units) of courses offered in African American Studies and affiliated departments. Assignment may include: African American Consciousness, The Black Experience in California: 1500 to the Present, The Origins and History of Race Theory and Modern Racism, From Funk to Hip Hop and African American Women in the United States.

2. May teach cross-listed courses such as The African American in the United States – from the African Heritage through the Civil War (History 41A) and The African American in the United States – from Reconstruction to the Present (History 41B) and Economics of the African American Community (Econ 30), as determined by the needs of the Social Science Dept. or other cross-listed departments.

3. Participate in curriculum development of transfer courses to 4-year universities, such as CSU and UC.

4. Develop the African American Studies Program, AA and transfer degrees.

5. Manage the African American Resource Center and supervise student workers.

6. Develop and teach online courses.

7. May assume Department Chair responsibilities, contingent on Department election.

8. Teach day, evening and/or Saturday classes at one or more sites as required.

9. Each semester, assess and report student learning outcomes for courses taught.

10. Update and evaluate student and program needs and new developments in the field to support success and equity.

11. Participate in department meetings, department and college-wide committees, program review, faculty evaluations, curriculum development and curriculum development and revisions, and professional development.

12. Collaborate and coordinate with other departments, counseling and retention programs on joint projects.

13. Act as a liaison with the African American community of San Francisco and the Bay Area, African American student organizations, the UMOJA/African American Scholastic Program (AASP), other affiliated academic departments and organizations at CCSF.

14. Actively publicize and develop awareness of and interest in African American Studies’ courses within the college and the larger community.

15. Participate in educational organizations related to African American Studies.

16. Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications
1. Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to work with community college students with disabilities, various sexual orientations, and diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

2. Earned Master’s Degree in African-American/Black/Africana Studies from an accredited institution; OR THE EQUIVALENT;
Earned Bachelor’s Degree in African-American/Black/Africana Studies AND Master’s Degree in Ethnic Studies from an accredited institution; OR THE EQUIVALENT.

[The degree major(s) posted on an applicant’s transcript(s) must be exactly as listed above under the degree requirements. Otherwise applicant must claim education equivalency for the formal educational requirement. Applicants who are currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs that do not award a master’s degree also need to claim education equivalency. The “Faculty Equivalency Application Form” is available on the left side margin. This form will be considered as part of the application materials and must be submitted on or before the filing deadline as indicated on this job posting.]

[If you have previously gone through the education equivalency for this same subject area from City College of San Francisco OR you have obtained the clarification of your “major” from the department chair/dean of the institution you attended in order to meet the minimum qualification for this job posting, you must submit a copy of the information. When attaching this document, please use the “Equivalency Application Form” link.]

Desirable Qualifications:

1. Ph.D. or advanced graduate coursework beyond the Master’s Degree with concentration or specialization in the African American/Africana/Black Studies and African American History area.

2. Demonstrated community college teaching in African American/Africana/Black Studies, African American History, Ethnic Studies, or one of the related disciplines.

3. Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience developing course content and materials in African American/Africana Studies, for transfer to CSUs and UCs.

4. Published research or professional articles which reflects an understanding and knowledge of the African American community.

5. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in working with African American students to develop leadership skills, encourage goal-setting, support retention, and returning to school.

6. Experience in working with people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

7. Experience with and knowledge of African American community based organizations, churches, and community action groups.

8. Understanding and knowledge of best practices to close the achievement gap.