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Archive: 2017


Luncheon Leadership Team

Gladys Gary Vaughn, Co-Chair
Sharita Thompson, Co-Chair
Valerie Maholmes
Sylvia Cyrus
Louis Hicks
Debra Stepp

Volunteer Planning

Cheryl Gresham, Chair
Tanya Fuller
Darrell Gresham

Command Central

Sonja Woods, Chair
Darlene Oliver, Co-Chair
Debra Stepp

Featured Authors Event

DeJuan Mason, Co-Chair
Rosalyn Jones Fountain, Co-Chair
Barbara M. Morland

Green Room/Special Guests

Shiela Harmon Martin, Chair
Sandra Jowers-Barber
Gladys Gary Vaughn
Charlette Manning
Shirley Riven Smith
Gina Simms Jenkins
Gia Simms

Awards / Living Legacy

Thomas Battle, Co-Chair
Martha Biondi Co-Chair


L. Khadijah Muhammad, Chair
Ursula Sereal, Chair
Rohulamin Quander

AV and Production

Henry Joseph


Latif Ashanti Tarik, Chair
Rohulamin Quander (Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity)
Debra Stepp
Kym Taylor
Moses Masenburg

Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing

Edgar Brookins, Chair
Kenya King Johnson
Mesha Williams, Social Media, Co-Chair
Leris Bernard, Social Media
Louis Hicks, Marketing
Roy Betts, Marketing


Reba Burruss-Barnes
Shirley Rivens Smith


Lovie Tarver, Chair
Subrena Alford, Co-Chair
Lynelle Lockett
Kirsten Riddick


Cheryl Lawrence, Chair
Bernice (Ivy) Ivery, Co-Chair

Seating/Customer Service

Robin Revell, Chair
Sharita Thompson, Co-Chair
Ruth Rust Walker


Ferial Bishop, Chair
Gwendolyn Harllee, Co-Chair

Luncheon Planning Committee Leadership Emeriti

Rev. Richard T. Adams
Charles Brewer
Andre Lee
Florence Radcliffe
Constance Tate
Mattie Taylor


Over the 91 years that ASALH has hosted the Black History Month Luncheon, it has become a highly anticipated cultural and educational tradition in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. That tradition has required the willing effort of many individuals, to whom ASALH has accumulated many debts of gratitude. We estimate the number of unpaid volunteers assisting with the many tasks required to create an exciting and memorable luncheon experience year-after-year to be in the hundreds. As committee chairs, team leads, and committee members, these individuals have demonstrated their respect for Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s beloved ASALH, its vision and mission, and their appreciation for the contributions of people of African descent to the Nation and world.

This year, we offer this special acknowledgement to our current volunteers, indicating their volunteer years and the service category to which they have offered their time and talent. Here, listed in alphabetical order, is our special 2017 volunteer support team.

Years of Service Contributed to ASALH by Black History Month Luncheon Volunteers

Volunteer – Years – Service

Alford, Subrena – 5 – Greeters, Host, Raffle
Bernard, Leris Bishop – 9 – Social Media, Seating, Press Relations, Marketing
Ferial S. – 10 – Registration
Brookins, Edgar – 7 – Public Relations/Marketing
Burruss-Barnes, Reba – 3 – Outreach, Public Relations/Marketing
Fountain Jones, Rosalyn – 3 – Featured Authors
Fuller, Tanya – 1 – Volunteers
Gresham, Cheryl – 10 – Hosts, Hostesses, Green Room, Raffle, Volunteers
Gresham, Darrell – 2 – Volunteers/Data Management
Harllee, Gwen – 8 – Registration
Harmon-Martin, Shiela – 10+ –
Ivery (Ivy), Bernice – 2 –
Jowers-Barber, Sandra – 10 –
Lawrence, Cheryl – 3 – Hosts/Greeters, VIP/Green Room
Mason, Dejuan – 3 – Staging
Morland, Barbara – 12 – VIP/Green Room
Muhammad, Khadijah – 7 – Hosts/Greeters
Oliver, Darlene – 4 – Command Central
Quander, Rohulamin – 7 – Hosts/Greeters, Omega Psi Phi Liaison
Revell, Robin – 13 – Seating and Others
Sereal, Ursula L. – 5 – Raffle, Silent Auction, Hosts/Greeters
Smith, Shirley R. – 10 – Outreach, Volunteers, Hosts/Greeters, Green Room, Raffle, Floater Logistics
Tarik, Latif – 6 – Raffle
Tarver, Lovie Brown – 4 – Souvenir Journal/Gift Bags
Taylor, Kym – 2 – Seating
Walker, Ruth Rust – 5 – Social Media
Williams, Mesha – 2 – Volunteers, Host/ Greeter, Command Central
Woods, Sonja – 7