A few years ago, everyone was saying that email marketing responses were going to be surpassed by social media. Yes, social media responses continue to rise, but email marketing continues to be the fastest way to receive a response yet today. Email receives a 20 times faster response rate than social media according to Silverpop.

Manasota ASALH has used Constant Contact for just one year and has sent out just over 84,000 emails with an average open rate of 56% and an average click rate of 5%. We are just getting started building our member base. With Rita Smith’s help, our Membership Committee Chairperson, we reached membership numbers of 359 members this year. “As we explore more and more about the capabilities of Constant Contact, like segmenting and automation,” says Marion Black-Ruffin, Corresponding Secretary, “I am sure we will improve our overall response rate in the coming years”.