The Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics (INCITE) at Columbia University seeks to appoint Associate Research Scholars to participate on the Obama Presidency Oral History Project. The positions will report to Peter Bearman, the Principal Investigator of the project, ideally starting July 1, 2019. The positions are for one year, renewable up to five years. The successful candidate(s) will play an integral role within the research team and alongside an advisory board of interdisciplinary scholars, generating original research, conducting oral history interviews, creating project blueprints that will guide the study over the next five years, managing aspects of the project, and contributing to the project’s ongoing research and convening efforts.

The focus of the scholarship for the Obama Presidency Oral History is to understand presidential decision-making and its impact on ordinary Americans. The candidate(s) will engage with key high level stakeholders; a high level of verbal and written communications is required. We seek up to three Research Scholars with expertise in U.S. domestic or international politics and history.

A Ph.D. degree in history, political science, sociology, public policy or the social sciences, is required. Candidates with significant experience in the areas of international affairs, politics or public policy will also be considered.

Main Responsibilities:
Generate project blueprints that identify the central themes and goals of the project, timelines, interview guides, and individual interview briefing books.

Other research tasks will include, but are not limited to, literature reviews, archival research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, analysis of incoming interviews from project interviewers, policy analysis, interview guides, timelines, and generating briefing books for project interviewees and interviewers.

Conduct up to 160 oral history interview sessions with senior leaders and policy makers within the administration, as well as elected officials, campaign staff, journalists, and other key figures — Republican and Democrat — outside of the White House.

Coordinate and provide comments to project interviewers to ensure interviews encompass the various components of the project blueprint.

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