Call for Papers

This invitation is extended to those who would like to submit a piece for possible inclusion in a compilation of essays modeled after Blacks in Appalachia, (1985), which was edited by William H. Turner and Edward J. Cabbell. We welcome articles, commentaries, critiques, interviews, notes, profiles of individuals and organizations, reports, and summaries of theses and dissertations, and creative works, e.g., photography and literary ideas. Focus is on works published after 1985.

We welcome the widest range of cutting-edge and thought-provoking voices from social science and humanities scholars, popular culture journalists, poets, researchers, practitioners and political activists with new research and developments in the subject field. Areas of interest for this special register issue include but are not limited to examinations of the status of African Americans in the Appalachian Region – as defined by the Appalachian Regional Commission — across multiple metrics: business, economics, education, health, social justice, and civic engagement. Indicate your intention to submit your full paper by email to the guest editors with the title of the paper, authors, and abstract. The full manuscript, as a PDF file, should be emailed by the deadline indicated below. Authoring guidelines will be mailed to you after we receive your letter of intent.

Send interest note to:

Intent to submit
August 1, 2020

Full version
January 15, 2021

Decision Date
January 31, 2021

Final version
March 21, 2021