Canada Post remembers the accomplishments of Kathleen (Kay) Livingstone and Lincoln M. Alexander on stamps to be issued Feb. 1 in its Black History Month stamp series.

Canada Post began its Black History Month stamp series in 2009. Like the United States, Canada celebrates Black History Month each February.

The nondenominated “P” permanent-rate stamps (85¢) were designed by Winnipeg-based Tetro, using photos of the two leaders to convey the significance they had on Canadian history.

“The images selected capture a moment that is both internally reflective and formidable,” designer Paul Tetrault said. “The gold metallic glow pays tribute to their visionary influence and trailblazing achievements.”

One stamp spotlights Alexander, a champion for racial equality born in 1922 in Toronto, Ontario. His parents were West Indian immigrants — his mother was from Jamaica, his father from St. Vincent.

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