Job Responsibilities

Manages the Education and Interpretation program of the State Park Service, including the development and maintenance of exhibits and review of programs and materials that share authentic and complex natural and cultural stories of SC. Developing and overseeing training to ensure employees are providing quality experiences to our visitors.

1)   Oversees the long range system planning, implementation and quality control of SC State Park Service’s education programs and interpretive services.
2)   Coordinate with resource management staff to support interpretive services including exhibit accuracy and design, information collection and verification to meet park level needs.
3)   Manages the exhibit program, develops new exhibits based on funding and monitors existing exhibits for needs.
4)   Serves as liaison with contracted interpreted services and pursues contracts that support mission to provide recreational access.
5)   Oversees the management and interpretation of the Park Services cultural resources.
6)   Ensure park interpreters are properly trained and create standards for certifications.
7)   Work with park service leadership team and other designated teams to move park service forward.
8)   Create training opportunities for field employees to enhance their skills and abilities so they can better serve the customer.