The incumbent serves Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve as an advisor in the management of cultural resources and is responsible for program development and implementation. This position resides within the Resources Management Division and provides oversight for aspects of the park’s cultural resources program including historic preservation, archeology, museum management, history, and cultural landscapes. The person in this position works as a team member of a multi-disciplinary resources team, including collaboration with the park’s Cultural Anthropologist on ethnography and Native American issues. The position acts as the park’s cultural resources protection compliance officer, reviewing, analyzing and documenting potential impacts of park activities on cultural resources. The incumbent develops and implements long range plans for the inventory, evaluation, documentation, preservation, research, and interpretation of the park’s cultural resources, including oversight of museum program. They identify research needs, prepare statements of work, and provide oversight for research projects. They collect, analyze, and synthesize scientific information from research, monitoring of resource management actions and other sources of information and prepare reports for specific projects. The person in the position communicates technical knowledge and findings to NPS staff, park visitors, stakeholders, and general public in various formats. The incumbent carries out administrative duties, including supervision, budget management, and contract and agreement oversight.

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