The incumbent serves as Director of the Anacostia Community Museum (ACM), with responsibility for the overall planning, development, direction, and management of the programs and activities of the ACM, including exhibitions, research, collections management, and education. The incumbent reports to the Under Secretary for Museums and Research (USMR)/Provost and works in close collaboration with the ACM Advisory Board.

The Anacostia Community Museum was founded in 1967 as the Anacostia Neighborhood Museum with the purpose of exploring how a community-based museum could be a bridge between the Smithsonian Institution and the District’s African American community. Today, the ACM’s mission is to enhance understanding of contemporary urban experiences and strengthen community bonds in Anacostia, the District of Columbia, and beyond by conserving the past, documenting the present, and serving as a catalyst for shaping the future. The Museum’s work is achieved through development of museum collections, exhibitions, and research that document communities and through diverse community and educational programming.



1. Provides executive leadership and direction to the staff of the ACM, planning and managing the ACM’s programs and activities. While serving as Director, ensures that the ACM continues to fulfill its overall mission. Develops and monitors near-term and long-range program plans. Oversees exhibitions, educational and public programs, scholarly initiatives, collections management, and the ACM’s online presence. In concert with the Under Secretary for Museums and Research/Provost, makes decisions concerning the ACM’s staffing, budget, and organization.

2. Oversees the development, justification, allocation, and execution of the annual operating budget for the ACM. Works closely with the Office of the Under Secretary for Museums and Research/Provost in the management of the budget, as well as with staff in the Smithsonian’s Office of Planning, Management and Budget. Evaluates the ACM’s operations on a continual basis to achieve improvements.

3. Ensures that the ACM adheres to Smithsonian policies and procedures in the areas of financial management, including use of funds, as well as in contracting, travel, and human resources. Ensures that ACM adheres to the principles of equal employment opportunity. Seeks expert advice from appropriate Smithsonian offices as needed.
4. Directs and coordinates the activities of museum staff. Develops and implements operating policies, standards, and procedures to assure the continued high quality of their performance. Develops and administers policies to achieve management objectives in such areas as labor-management relations and equal employment opportunity. Assures that subordinate supervisors effectively carry out their responsibilities. Reviews and approves recommendations for personnel actions affecting key subordinates, and acts on major personnel problems referred. Initiates and directs major studies to improve organization, staffing, and employee performance.

5. Works closely with the ACM Advisory Board, ensuring that Board and Committee meeting occur as scheduled, developing meeting agendas in concert with the Board chair and the Under Secretary/Provost, as appropriate. Ensures that the board members are regularly informed on ACM initiatives. Collaborates with the Board on initiatives to increase the visibility and public awareness of the ACM and to develop constituencies supportive of the ACM and the Smithsonian.

6. Oversees the planning, development, and execution of the Museum’s exhibitions. Ensures systematic review of exhibition content, design, and installation. Also, oversees the development and implementation of effective public and educational programming to complement exhibitions. Implements a process to evaluate the effectiveness of exhibitions, using visitor feedback and other evaluation tools.

7. Oversees the management of the Museum’s collections. Together with curatorial and collections staff, ensures that the ACM complies with Smithsonian collections management policy, as documented in Smithsonian Directive 600, in all aspects of collections acquisition and collections care.

8. Plans and coordinates fundraising and development efforts for the ACM. Supervises development staff in the areas of cultivation activities, including engaging current and lapsed donors, researching new prospects, documenting development activities in PANDA database, and preparing various development materials and communications. The Director also works closely with the Office of Advancement and the Office of Sponsored Projects on proposals for fundraising from individual donors, corporations, and grant-making organizations.

9. Oversees current and long-term facilities capital and maintenance planning in collaboration with Smithsonian Facilities staff.

10. Engages with other Smithsonian museums and research programs on projects of mutual interest. Also engages with external partners such as museums, academic institutions, and community organizations on initiatives nationwide, including, but not limited to, exhibitions, collaborative research, educational and public programs, and online and social media collaborations.

11. Performs other duties as assigned.


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