Job Summary
The Office of Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards is seeking a dynamic, self-driven, skilled individual to fill the role of Director of Policy or Director of Policy and Communication. This individual will leverage nuanced interpersonal, intellectual, and communication skills to engage City of Boston administration officials, advocacy groups, in-district, city, state, and national media outlets, as well as community presentations and local communication channels to promote the Councilor’s robust policy agenda. This individual must possess strong research and analytical skills and should have a successful track record of contributing to campaigns and/or research initiatives and advancing public policy.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Policy and Advocacy:
  • Assist the Councilor with all policy or regulatory planning, analysis, development, implementation, and advocacy at her direction.
  • Draft legislative testimony for local, state and federal legislative or regulatory issues
  • Attend public meetings relative to major development or transportation projects and otherwise as directed by the Chief of Staff
  • Map political and institutional landscape in Boston to identify an advocacy strategy to advance the Councilor’s policy agenda
  • Take lead on organizing Boston City Council hearings or working sessions sponsored by the Councilor or overseen by a committee she manages, and communicate with City of Boston administration officials and external stakeholders to solicit testimony
  • Develop hearing orders, ordinances, press releases, fact sheets, etc. on all policy and major development related issues
  • Work with relevant community and administration stakeholders to coordinate reporting of data and assessment sought by the Councilor


  • Develop and maintain an overarching communications plan that aligns with the Councilor’s goals for the district
  • Build and maintain relationship with members of the press and ensure broad public awareness of district and policy initiatives
  • Support social media (Facebook and Twitter) posting and blast email communications
  • Related Office Job Responsibilities
  • Answer phones and emails in response to constituent services cases and work with appropriate city departments to find solutions. Respond to walk-in visits of the office. Correspond with constituents until a case is resolved. This role supports and defers to the Councilor’s neighborhood liaisons in constituent services, but supervises liaisons when questions or feedback relate to public policy initiatives.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief of Staff

Additional Notes:

The Director of Policy and Communication represents the Councilor in both words and actions. When the Director of Policy or Communication speaks on a platform, whether it be at a community meeting or on social media, it is the Councilor speaking. All political movements and actions will impact the community perception of the Councilor. Professional behavior and strong work ethic are essential.

ANTICIPATED HOURS/WEEK: 40/hours a week. Some evening and weekend staffing is necessary. Negotiable schedule and vacation.

STARTING SALARY: $55,000.00 (negotiable)

BENEFITS: Participation in City of Boston Retirement System (pension) and city healthcare plans, modest cost savings through pre-tax transportation benefits, standard services and scholarship opportunities available to City employees.

Please send resume and cover letter to