The Director of the Rosa Parks Museum position is responsible for administering affairs of the Museum and associated activities by performing the following duties:

– Confers with the Troy University’s Vice Chancellor of the Montgomery Campus to formulate policies and plans for the overall operations of the Museum.

– Consults and coordinates with other University administrative staff members to determine budget requirements; helps plan fund raising efforts; assists in preparation of applications and reports for grants from government agencies or private foundations; and solicits financial support for the Museum.

– Manages all Museum employees in the scheduling and management of tour groups to include: preparation of scheduling forms; preparing and mailing invoices for tours; and handling and processing the funds received in a safe and approved manner.

– Manages and controls the overall operation and upkeep of all Museum associated areas, to include: exhibit hall, auditorium, conference room, reception area, art, sculptures, plaques, gift shop, Museum displays, Children’s Wing, etc.

– Manages the Museum budgets; prepare financial reports; and supervises daily cashier operations to safe and proper handling of funds.

– Reviews materials prepared by staff members and other agencies, such as articles for journals, requests for grants, and reports on Museum programs, and approves materials or suggests changes. Maintains historical data on Museum attendance and activities, and submits reports and data to supervisor as required. Measures accomplishments of the Museum operations and reports on these as required by University officials.

– Maintains the Museum displays to ensure accuracy, repair, replacement, cleanliness, and overall operation and/or presentation of the displays within the Museum, exhibit hall and throughout the hallways where art is displayed. Overseas the maintenance of the Museum and Children’s Wing to ensure the all the areas are presentable to visitors and tourists, and ensures all areas are functioning properly. Maintains and strengthens archives and historical collections.

– Locates, coordinates and receives exhibit materials for the Museum exhibit hall. Displays exhibits professionally and appropriately to present exhibits to the public. Packs and ships exhibits with great care to locations as determined by exhibit owners. Ensures appropriate policies and rules are taken to protect, insure, receive, display and ship exhibit materials.


– Directs acquisition, education, research, public service, and development activities of the Museum, consulting with administrative and academic leaders and appropriate faculty members to implement educational programs at the Museum, within the University, or in external agencies.

– Establishes and maintains contact and relationship with administrators of other museums and similar institutions to collaborate and exchange information concerning museum operations. Collaborates on community/public service and educational programs that will benefit the Museum and the University.

– Responds to inquiries that are related to the Museum operations, and coordinates as required with other departments internal and external to the University as needed to respond to the inquiries.

– Instructs classes or seminars to promote or enhance the Museum’s education program or as a guest lecturer at the University or other schools and agencies.

– Writes articles for technical journals or other publications related to the Museum operations.


– Works with the Vice Chancellor of the Montgomery Campus and other key administrators to acquire additions to the Museum, improve Museum operations, raise funds for the Museum, and provide a professional and quality service to the community, state and nation.

– Represents the Museum at professional and civic social events, conventions and other gatherings to strengthen relationships with cultural and civic leaders. Presents lectures or participates in seminars to promote the cultural value of the Museum and the educational value of Troy University, always seeking financial support for projects, programs and exhibits.


– Directly supervises more than five full-time and a few part-time employees, as well as interns and volunteers in the Museum, gift shop, Children’s Wing and other functions of the Museum as required. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the University’s policies, procedures and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring and training employees; and planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising evaluating performance; correcting unacceptable performance by rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints; and resolving problems.

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