The Journal of African American History(JAAH) publishes annually over sixty (60) reviews of recently published books in the fields of African and African American life and history.  However, the JAAH does not accept unsolicited book reviews.

Scholars and graduate students interested in signing up to review books for the JAAH should contact the Editorial Office at: We will extend invitations to review on the basis of areas of expertise.

Annually in the JAAH Winter issue, we include a list of “Books Received” by the JAAH. Those who have signed up to review books for the JAAH should peruse the list and contact the Editorial Office if there is a book on the list they would like to review.

Books for review, subscription and permission requests, inquiries regarding advertisements and all business matters should be sent to:

Sylvia Cyrus
Executive Director
Howard Center
2225 Georgia Avenue, NW
Suite 331
Washington, DC 20059