A unique piece of local and national Civil War history, the story of the United States Colored Troops is an often untold tale. Many escaped slaves and freedmen who made their way to Union-occupied New Bern volunteered to serve their country in the 35th Regiment of the USCT, and Tryon Palace tells their courageous story with a living-history interpretive unit.


This September, Tryon Palace will host the 35th United States Colored Troops Reenactment Group Symposium, a three-day event exploring the history of the USCT through interactive living history demonstrations, workshops with renowned USCT historians, and a USCT unit parade through downtown New Bern, and a screening of the film “Union Bound.” Please see the attached program for an understanding of the weekend’s schedule. This free event will help attendees better understand the role African American troops played in the Civil War, and explore the stories of real people – both men and women – who served their nation in a contentious time.