Singer/writer/historian/producer Tami Tyree is pleased to present ‘A Seat at the Table: Dinner With Frederick Douglass.’ Ms. Tyree is Founder/Artistic Director of Echoes of Our Ancestors African-American History and Song, a cultural program with an emphasis on music. She’s been presenting performances, talks, and self-published literature on Frederick Douglass since 2017- commemorative experiences she calls ‘The Frederick Douglass continuum.’ In her latest creative effort ( book, music and lyrics penned by Ms. Tyree) Frederick Douglass returns to the 21st century as the dinner guest of an adoring historian. Recollections, introspection and a mix of fact and fantasy ensue, but the real drama occurs when [first wife] Anna arrives unannounced to take her place at the table. With an in-depth look at the lives of America’s premiere black abolitionist couple, we are privy to an introspective Douglass and a meteoric Anna. Tami Tyree is a graduate of Howard University’s Theater and Communications departments. A vocalist of many genres, Ms. Tyree is a singer heard on the soundtrack of the feature film ’12 Years A Slave.’ She writes extensively on enslavement and sings music of slavery, resistance, motivation, emancipation, and civil rights.


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