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July 18, 1998, Twenty years ago the African American Civil War Memorial and museum opened its doors in the historic U Street section of Washington. From the beginning the Civil War memorial project had two objectives. One objective was to correct a great wrong in history and the second was to contribute to the economic revitalization of the U Street Shaw community. Over the period we have succeeded in changing the narrative of the Civil War to include messages about the role of the USCT in ending slavery and keeping America united under one flag. Today U Street is a diverse, economically healthy community where people live, worship, have meaningful jobs and work together.

On July 18, 2018 thousands of friends, neighbors and descendants will descend upon The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum in Washington D. C. to Celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a series of events featuring:

  • A Kickoff Celebration at 11 am July 18, 2018 with several elected officials both local and national
  • A Civil War Theme Prayer Breakfast at an Historic Church located on the famed “Camp Barker Contraband Site”
  • A Top notch line up of speakers for a “George Washington Williams*  Lecture Series including Dr. David Blight, Dr. Edna Green Medford, Dr. Charles Verharen, Dr. Gregg Carr, Dr. Josh Myers
  • Two days of Living History Presentations hosted by famed author, tv host and descendant Cheryl Wills including “Bearing Witness” presentations by descendants, School of the Soldier Presentations and Drills
  • A 20th Anniversary Awards Gala Presentation to be held at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on Friday July 20th, 6-10 pm.
  • Special Presentation on Grimke Building museum expansion plans scheduled for completion in 2020
  • July 21 Closing Ceremony Includes Inauguration of an historic George Washington Williams Heritage Trail march from Howard University to the African American Civil War Memorial for a Rally on the High Ground and  closing Reception.

“We have had twenty good years of progress, growth and development the future looks bright and it’s time to celebrate our path to progress as we plan for the future” said Frank Smith, Founding Director.

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