June 15-19, The Woodson Lyceum’s third Institute for Black History Instruction – West Virginia teachers in grades K-12 who teach courses in history, art, social studies, music and language arts are encouraged to apply. Instruction includes sessions on history, literature, music and dance. Teachers will take field trips, including spending full days at Glenwood Estate and the West Virginia State Archives. Participants will receive $500 stipends, and their tuition for three graduate professional development credits will be covered. The program is made possible through financial support from West Virginia Humanities Council, Glenwood Foundation and Marshall University’s College of Arts and Media, College of Education and Professional Development, Intercultural Affairs and other Lyceum resources. Previous participants also are eligible. Apply by 5 p.m., March 13. Details are available at www.marshall.edu/woodsonlyceum. 

Please visit www.marshall.edu/woodsonlyceum for updates.