This Electronic Field Trip (EFT) goes hand in hand with the Museum’s traveling Fighting For The Right To Fight exhibition. On February 22, 2018, The National WWII Museum will host a free, web-based program examining racial segregation and discrimination faced by many African Americans during World War II. In this interactive broadcast, Middle and High School students will learn how the pursuit for both victory and equality shaped the story of World War II and transformed the United States for decades to come. Featuring student reporters, the EFT will air in classrooms across the nation as WWII survivors and experts help analyze war-era racial injustices, examine artifacts from the Museum’s collections and explore WWII historic sites in order to share stories of struggle, setbacks, triumphs and heroism of individuals who changed history.


The Museum has created this 50 minute EFT in partnership with the National Park Service. We will be broadcasting content filmed at Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial, the site of the deadliest munitions disaster during the War, and explore Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park to understand transitions and tensions in American defense factories. Our student reporters will be sitting down in California and New Orleans with the ever engaging Betty Soskinof the NPS and Tuskegee Airman George Hardy.


You can find more information on the EFT, educator resources, and downloadable social images (scroll down the page) here: