The National Park Foundation (NPF) is the official charitable non-profit partner to the National Park Service (NPS). NPF, in partnership with NPS, is pleased to announce that it is accepting proposals for a Film Planning Project Management Consultant to support the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (FRDO), a unit of the National Park System. FRDO is open to the public year-round, seven days a week. A typical visit starts at the visitor center where the Park presents a biographical film, produced over 25-years ago and concludes with a group tour of the home. NPF is seeking a Film Planning Project Management Consultant(s) to support NPS’s work to identify and coordinate the selection of a production company to develop the new Park film. The production of the film will not be completed under this scope of work. NPF seeks proposals from individuals, teams, and companies with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The Consultant(s) will be an independent contractor and not an employee of NPF or NPS.

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