GET A GGRiPP: The Health and Wellness Movement Rooted in Black Cultural Traditions

Tanya Leake

GET A GGRIPP, the ground-breaking new book by holistic wellness coach, consultant and educator Tanya Leake, presents a new approach to wellness – a culturally, targeted, mind and body movement towards health empowerment.  By blending Afro-cultural traditions with contemporary (holistic) wellness methods, GET A GGRiPP is more effective health and wellness approach targeted to the unique needs of the Black community.  GET A GGRiPP is not only the first health and wellness solution targeted at a group of people by grounding itself in their culture, insodoing, it is an inherently holistic wellness solution.  Culture speaks to mind and body, and, as Tanya reminds us, “WE bring soul (mind) and movement (body) to everything we do.”  GET A GGRiPP is an approach that honors all aspects of us and celebrates past and present, while creating a call-to-action towards a brighter future.  Join the movement and GET A GGRiPP!  Take better care of the community by taking better care of your health!

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