Dr. Walter Milton and Dr. Joel Freeman are the authors of a new K-12 textbook entitled Black History 365. Barbara Spencer Dunn is one of the members of the textbook team. The book is dedicated to Dr. Woodson and written by Dunn. Every school system that adopts this K-12 textbook will learn about Dr. Wooodson, ASALH and the Woodson Home Historic Site.

The authors were interviewed last night in a series titled HISTORY UNTOLD. A clip of last night’s feature is below and tonight will be the second and final segment. If available, check out the second part of the interview tonight.

New school curriculum aims to ‘fill in the blanks’ about untold aspects of black history
Black History 365 includes events from ancient civilization to current events

SAN ANTONIO – There is a strong belief among historians and researchers that racial tensions throughout the nation directly correlate with people not knowing or understanding the history in this country that play roles in the continuing call for racial equality.

There is a team of about 40 historians and researchers who’ve created a new school curriculum called Black History 365; An Inclusive Account of American History, that explores crucial pieces of history often left out of text books.

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