Dear NCNW (National Council of Negro Women) Member,

President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court is eminently qualified. Her stellar record as a public defender, service on the United States Sentencing Commission, her private practice and service as a federal judge underscore the wide range of her experiences. These experiences demonstrate her commitment to fairness and excellence.

At this time in our history, a black woman of her stature is a missing link in our Supreme Court of the United States.

I am calling all NCNW members to send a message to your respective senators urging confirmation. The hearing started today, March 21, so we cannot let up nor give up. We know there will be barriers, but with collective voices and faith, she has to make it through the arduous process.  The first black woman justice on the SCOTUS marks a long historic journey not only for black people, but for our wonderful country as a whole.

Send a message to the editor of your community and local newspapers; speak out on your local media stations. Help others to understand what this confirmation means. Join one of the rallies. We faced a tough journey when Loretta Lynch was nominated as attorney general, but we made it!!

Members of NCNW, this is my first message as your newly elected president/chair and it comes to you with great urgency and faith. Let us all be a part of this support system!!!

There may be follow up messages, so stay tuned and ready to act!

My thanks!!!!

Thelma T. Daley

8th National President & Chair