Never Forget Who You Are: Conversations About Racism and Identity Development

Rodney L. Hurst Sr and Rudy F. Jamison Jr, Ed.D

Never Forget Who You Are is a no-nonsense, eye-opening conversation between a Baby Boomer and a Gen X’er about the systemic racism that has plagued America for over 400 years. Though their perspectives may differ at times, their journeys bring them to the same conclusions, as they highlight their experiences and truths about being Black in America before, during, and after the Civil Rights Movement. The bitter reality is that racism is still blatantly thriving in America, with perhaps the greatest setbacks to any kind of progress happening during the last four years. Never Forget Who You Are is a must-read for all races if we ever hope to crush this white-imposed sense of what America stands for. As noted by the authors, “To be Black in America, and to not camouflage your blackness behind a veil of concession, is to perpetually resist the psychological contortion expected by a dominant White culture.”

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