The purpose of this position is to provide technical and professional support to implement programs and preservation activities with the National Underground Railroad Network (NTF) to Freedom Act of 1998.


Provide professional and technical assistance to cooperators to assist in identifying and researching potential Network to Freedom (NTF) sites, developing NTF applications, developing educational and preservation programs at member sites, and supporting grant applicants.

Guide and collaborate with cooperators and State Historic Preservation Offices to establish standards for verifying Underground Railroad associations and determining eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Participate in the regional Network to Freedom (NTF) coordinator group, including review of service wide NTF membership applications and grant applications, and development of strategic plans, interpretive materials, action plans, and fiscal and budget documents related to the NTF and its projects.

Develop and manage research and planning projects accomplished through contracts, interagency agreements, and cooperative agreements.

Facilitate partnerships with community-based groups, state agencies, and other federal agencies.
Develop, coordinate, and carry out state and regional workshops, conferences, and training sessions to provide opportunities for collaboration and cooperator development.

Develop a framework for Underground Railroad interpretation in the regions and assist interpreters and park managers in developing Underground Railroad programming and curricula.

Duties will be developmental in nature when filled below the full performance level.