Tune in this week for the second episode of NPI’s Preservation Profiles free podcast series! “Preserving Resources and Fostering Diversity” with Robert Stanton


Robert G. Stanton joined the National Park Service as a seasonal ranger and rose through the ranks to become the agency’s first African American Director. In this episode, he reflects on the need to tell a more honest and inclusive history of America. He also speaks about his current work for the Preservation in Practice program that brings young African American professionals into historic preservation and as an expert member of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Throughout his career, Bob has used his increasing influence to create opportunities for others, especially women and minorities. In this interview you can hear in his voice a passion for historical representation and education and the role of preservation in correcting the simplistic narrative of history that leaves out the contributions of African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and the many other peoples who shaped America. “If you were to look at our past, it seems as if by design, we did not want to recognize all of our people who have made these contributions. So we have some making up to do. Historic preservation attempts to correct that, to say that there is evidence that these were the contributions that all people made. Historic preservation makes that linkage between the past, the present and the future and it’s a noble, noble endeavor.”

Preservation Profiles gives us the chance to hear from some of the inspiring individuals who are shaping the field of preservation in the United States. Learn about their preservation philosophies, inspiration, and accomplishments. Episodes will touch on advocacy, laws and regulations, preservation planning, intangible aspects of historic preservation stewardship, and more. Explore why preservation matters to our podcast guests, how it can make a difference in improving the future quality of life for people in communities around the country, and what links preservation to this year’s history in the making—from the pandemic to protests on social inequality and racism.

National Preservation Institute’s six-episode Preservation Profiles podcast series celebrates NPI’s 40th anniversary by airing a new episode every two weeks. The series, hosted by Jane I. Seiter, Ph.D., and produced by Hannah Hethmon for Better Lemon Creative Audio, offers an insider look at the historic preservation and cultural resource management community.

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