Reflections of a Soul

Ernest Porter

Reflections of the Soul is a thought-provoking and unconventional book that does not shy away from telling the dark parts of history, which many other writers and traditional textbooks try to hide away. If you want to travel back in time and live a day in a black man’s skin, dare to pick up this book and read the unfiltered history in its soul-shaking reality.

However, be warned: this is not a book for the weak of the heart and minds. Porter has put his thoughts so eloquently on the paper that it makes every American question their reality, regardless of their color.

This is a collection of Porter’s memoirs, thoughts, and reflections from the time he was growing up in poverty-stricken environments until the day he sat down and wrote this book., but more than that, it is black history in its most unapologetic form.

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