The National Urban League has had a formal presence in the U.S. Capitol for more than 50 years, advancing policies that protect and expand civil rights for more than 50 years. The “Washington Office” as it was first known, was charged with building a direct relationship with the federal government in the interest of protecting and expanding civil rights for all Americans. From its inception, the Office worked to ensure the Urban League had a voice in the legislative process, educating and advising lawmakers on the challenges and injustices facing urban America.

Today, The Washington Bureau, as it is now known, focuses on policy and advocacy goals grounded in the local program experiences of the Urban League’s more than 90 affiliates throughout the U.S. Informed by this on-the-ground, real-world perspective, the Bureau is uniquely qualified to lead policy discussions that directly impact the capacity of urban communities to grow and prosper. Through its D.C. presence, the Urban League pushes for greater resources and more effective policies to advance economic and social equality.

Senior Director, Judiciary, Civil Rights and Social Justice

• Develops high-level strategies and advises in the areas of criminal justice reform, judiciary issues, civic participation, and serves as a liaison to other civil society groups.
• Develops strategies to lead the NULWB in policies relating to the above issues and support the work of the affiliates in these matters.
• Conduct key outreach to various community, governmental, non-profits, educational, and corporate institutions. Support the work of the Urban Solutions Council.
• Advocate for legislative reforms and represent NUL at various convenings, conferences, and other public events, as well as meetings with other civil rights organizations and stakeholders.
• Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance the League’s mission as well as respond to critical advocacy actions.
• Maintain an understanding of relevant local and national legislation and analyze as needed to rapidly respond to governmental policies and trends.

For further information, please contact:

Sandra L. Goldman
Vice President and Managing Associate

One Commerce Square
2005 Market Street, Suite 3300
Philadelphia,PA 19103

t. 215-656-3543
m. 267-322-0883