It is with gratitude that I send this email to you, thanking you for all you did this week in support of the 2017 Every Kid in a Park Field Trip Grant Program at the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument. This week my park had a ton of major deadlines and I found myself having to re-arrange my schedule because all my interns had finals at Wilberforce University and the last week of classes at Central State University. My Chief of Interpretation Robert Stewart and I found ourselves having to lead two bus loads of youth from Kiser Elementary School on Wednesday November 15, 2017. When I called you the night before I didn’t know you would make yourself available but you did. It was my hope that you could speak to the youth in a different way about the Dunbar Home and the richness of it as an iconic cultural resource in a unique way and you exceeded my expectations. I think you so much for giving both buses such a meaningful experience. I couldn’t believe that the teachers and students had never heard of Dunbar. I get that about Young all the time but not Dunbar especially from local Dayton kids. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. I wanted to send you this note of gratitude and appreciation for coming into the park from a doctors appointment on a cold day that you could’ve spent doing something else.   

Joy G. Kinard, Ph.D.


Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument