The healing power of education: Afrocentric pedagogy as a tool for restoration and liberation

Marcia Watson-Vandiver and Greg Wiggan

Situating the African American learning experience within the stream of historic enslavement and hundreds of years of institutionalized racism, this timely book introduces antiracist foundations for teaching in the 21st century. The authors take a holistic approach that uses Afrocentricity to identify and address critical omissions and distortions in school curricula. Drawing on empirical findings from a high-performing 100% African American school, they identify what teachers and students recognize as successful features of the schools’ approach, including a unique learning environment, support systems, spiritual affirmations, evidences of Black education, a reframing of Afrocentricity, and education that promotes positive Black identity. This much-needed book demonstrates the healing power of education; provides evidence of social, emotional, and psychological transformation within the learning experience; and frames education as a tool for liberation.

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