The Missed Education of the Negro: An Examination of the Black Segregated Education Experience in Southampton County, VA 1950-1970

Dr. Latorial Faison

In The Missed Education of the Negro, Dr. Latorial Faison examines the Mid-Twentieth Century Black segregated education experience in rural Southampton County, VA to explore student perceptions of the Black segregated education experience. The scholar holds that graduates of numerous Black schools in the segregated South prove that Black educators defied systemic odds to nurture, cultivate, and commission Black achievement and excellence in students of color during one of the darkest eras in history. Through phenomenology, ethnography, portraiture, and poetic analysis, Faison highlights the nuances of a unique educational experience, reviews, and analyzes data through a cultural lens. Faison addresses the challenges of educating African Americans with regard to history, race, and culture.

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