Understand SC: Uncovering untold stories at 4 historic sites in Charleston

A Post and Courier Podcast

This article first appeared November 19, 2020 on postandcourier.com

Charleston’s historic city center is filled with carefully preserved buildings and bronze markers detailing major moments in its now 350 years — but much of the city’s history still isn’t visible.

There are less-told stories that aren’t recognized with plaques or talked about on walking tours. There are sites and buildings that no longer exist and places that are well-known, though only for select parts of their past. 

This week, we’re peeling back some of those layers of Charleston history to visit four places featured in “Forsaken History,” a project from The Post and Courier’s watchdog and public service reporter Jennifer Berry Hawes.

Each is explained by a descendant or a historian who details the true events of what happened there, why it’s been forgotten and what that place reveals about Charleston’s past. 

Listen now to hear their stories.