The Pulitzer Center awarded Gloria Browne-Marshall a grant for her project on police violence. As a legal correspondent, constitutional law professor and playwright, she is honored to have the Pulitzer Center support her work. The Pulitzer Center sponsored this project to expand social justice journalism by linking theater to a personal essay or article. Browne-Marshall is only the second recipient. The first grantee wrote her play and essay about solitary confinement. 
This Pulitzer Center grant supported an enhanced virtual reading of “SHOT: Caught a Soul,” her stage-play, and linked it to her personal essay titled “SHOT: The Drama of InJustice.” Browne-Marshall’s stage-play titled “SHOT: Caught a Soul” is about a Black teen haunting the White officer who shot him. She calls her work “spiritual realism.” This virtual reading of “SHOT” is 29 minutes, intentionally made this length for high school and college classes. 
This is a virtual staged-reading using zoom and added production values.
The Milwaukee Courier newspaper, a member of the Black press, published the essay “SHOT: The Drama of InJustice.” This virtual staged reading of “SHOT: Caught a Soul” is free to the public. 
For additional inquiries, contact: Deirdre Malone at [email protected]. To produce “SHOT” as a stage-play in a theater, contact: