In partnership with Howard University and sponsored by the Mellon Just Futures Initiative, Social Justice at ASALH is a cross-organizational, cross-institutional, interdisciplinary initiative that includes fellowships, workshops, and outreach materials on social justice. Social Justice at ASALH focuses on the community, bringing practical knowledge and theories, learned through the lived experience of activists and oppressed groups, that are often overlooked or discounted inside the academy.


Howard University and ASALH have collaborated in the creation of the Social Justice Consortium. ASALH has long addressed issues of social justice. Since the time of its founding in 1915 by historian Carter G. Woodson, the Father of Black History, ASALH has operated from the premise that racial discrimination must be fought not only by legal suits in the courtroom and marches in the street, but also by historical knowledge presented inside and outside the classroom. This cross-institutional partnership provides participants with invaluable skills to identify, analyze, and address issues of historical and present injustice and inequity in their communities. Furthermore, this collaboration seeks to impart a vision of society that lives up to the ideals and guarantees stated in the U.S. Constitution. Both Howard and ASALH have an extensive history of service to the African American community and, over time, each has implemented a variety of youth, adult, and senior programs designed for the betterment of the community.

Individuals who participate in Social Justice at ASALH will attend workshops, ASALH Conference events, and the Social Justice Reading Room. They will have the opportunity to experience social justice terminology and curriculum through multiple mediums and experiences. This work complements the Howard University Social Justice Consortium (SJC) certificate program.

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Know Before You Go

Black History Under Attack

Social Justice Workshops

Understanding the Black Diaspora

How to Lead Social Justice: Intro to the ASALH SJ Toolkit

Social Justice Reading Room

The Power of Truth-Telling in History

Civil rights in Black and Brown


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