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(Titles are listed in alphabetical order by author.)

How to Survive the Apocalypse

Jacqueline Allen Trimble


W. Earl Kitchings, M.Ed.


Stephane Dunn

Love, As Usual

Laura L. Jordan

Continually Working

Crystal Marie Moten

Struggle for the Street

Jessica D. Klanderud

Black and Brilliant

Rodney L. Hurst Sr.

Just People

Freddie H. Gilyard

Contributions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the 21st Century

Anisah Bagasra, Alison Mc Letchie, and Jonathan Wesley, Editors

Tracing Their Steps: A Memoir

Bernice Alexander Bennett

Quilt of Souls: A Memoir

Phyllis Biffle Elmore

Mother to Son

Dr. Latorial Faison

I Am Woman

Dr. Latorial Faison

Moving North

Mary J. Grant

America on Fire

Elizabeth Hinton

The Richmond 34 and the Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Kimberly A. Matthews and Dr. Raymond Pierre Hylton

Seven Sisters and a Brother: Friendship, Resistance, and Untold Truths Behind Black Student Activism in the 1960’s

Marilyn Allman Maye, Harold S Buchanan, Jannette O Domingo, Joyce Frisby Baynes, Marilyn Holifield, Myra Rose, Bridget Van Gronigen Warren, Aundrea White Kelley

The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume I: 1942–1943

Clarence Mitchell Jr. (Author), Denton L. Watson (Editor, Contributor)

8 Pearls of Wisdom

Kimberly A. Morrow

Ukweli – Searching for Healing Truth – South Carolina Writers and Poets Explore American Racism

Edited by Horace Mungin and Herb Frazier – Contributor, Margaret Seidler

Finding Liv

Timetra R. White