ASALH-AACRN Collaboration

About the Network:

The African American Civil Rights Network, “also known as AACRN,” is a program of the National Park Service that recognizes and highlights the important contributions of the African American community to the Civil Rights Movement and civil rights histories in the United States. AACRN works to preserve and interpret sites and stories associated with the struggle for civil rights, promoting education and awareness of this pivotal era in American history.

ASALH became a member of AACRN in 2022 as a Program resource, which later evolved into ASALH becoming a partner organization with the goal of facilitating ASALH members on how to join the network. ASALH members and branches who wish to learn more about AACRN membership, benefits, and the application process should contact Ariel Roy, AACRN Partner Historian at [email protected] or (301) 875-8318.

Please visit the website to learn more about AACRN and the current members.


No, AACRN membership is free and open to the public.

No, AACRN applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once you submit an application, it takes 30 business days to process pending approval.

AACRN defines membership under 3 resource categories: Property, Facility, and Program.

  1. A property is a historic house, building, or site that is listed or determined eligible on the National Register of Historic Places. All Properties such as historic houses, buildings, and spaces must either be listed in, or eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. This does not apply to Facilities or Programs.
  2. Facilities are locations that may or may not have been standing during the specified time, but that are dedicated to collecting and interpreting the history of the Movement and are spaces for research. This includes (but is not limited to) facilities such as archives, libraries, and museums.
  3. A program is a tour, performance, educational curriculum, website, art installation, or other way that the history of African American civil rights is presented or explained to the public.

Note: Your resource can be either all three, or more than one on your application.

All applicants are required to submit an electronic application via the AACRN website. You must register an account, either as an individual or an organization to start your application. Please fill out the form and submit all required and supplemental documents in PDF format only. A letter of owner consent is required and mandatory to complete your application. Note: You can edit any existing application prior to submission. Once the application is submitted, however, it cannot be edited further.

While the network does not offer direct funding, AACRN membership does provide avenues to assist members with funding opportunities and mini grants. Common funding opportunities exist within the State, Tribal, and Local Plans and Grants Division (STLPG). In addition, only AACRN members are eligible to apply for a competitive grant with the Association of African American Museums (AAAM) for up to $25,000. Other benefits include limited technical assistance and use of logo.

Contact Us

Email inbox: [email protected]

Use this email for updates with your application and contact with the National Coordinator.