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Thank you for submitting your membership dues of {trx_total} for the continued support of the ASALH legacy. As you are aware, the ASALH membership year is January 1 – December 31. Membership purchased after the Annual Meeting and Conference will be applied to the upcoming calendar year. 

As a member, you are eligible to join or form a branch. If you are a member of a branch or are interested in joining a branch, please send this confirmation to the branch president listed on the Branch Directory Page.  Contact the branch for information on meetings and programs. All branch members must pay national dues and applicable branch dues. 

If you are interested in information on how to start a branch, Click here or contact 

IMPORTANT NOTE: ASALH uses Constant Contact to communicate important messages like the ballot and candidate information for our elections. Constant Contacts will be at the bottom of all of these messages. Please do not unsubscribe.  If you have not received a message sent using this system in the next 30 days please contact and we can troubleshoot for you. 

ASALH membership benefits (excluding the Associate category) include digital access of all issues of the Journal of African American History, beginning with Vol. 1, many years of the Black History Bulletin and all issues of our newest publication, Fire!!! The Multimedia Journal of Black Studies


Member access to the digital archive for the JAAH will be provided by The University of Chicago Press, the new publisher of the Journal.  Please note the instruction details from digital access to the Journal through University of Chicago Press below:

Your ASALH membership provides exclusive online access to the full run of The Journal of African American History in HTML, PDF, and current e-Book editions*, which you should now access through the journal’s new website using the steps listed in this email.

If you previously accessed your member subscription through JSTOR, please note that this access will fully transition to the new website, effective January 1.


1. Go to

 2. Enter your email address to register for a University of Chicago Press Journals account.


3.  Create a username and password

 4. Once you’ve created your account, you should immediate see the message under access tokens, “Thank you!  You have successfully activated your access token.”

 4. Navigate to to read any issue of The Journal of African American History while logged in to this account. This account also allows you to track citations, save favorite articles and searches, and sign up for content alerts.

 5. After creating your account, all successive logins through the link referenced in Step 1 will lead to a message reading, “Access token has been activated already.” Navigate to to begin reading.

To claim issues or to update account details associated with your ASALH membership, please contact the association. Changes made through the University of Chicago Press Journals website will not be reflected in your ASALH membership records.


Member access to the digital archive for the Black History Bulletin and Fire!!! will be provided by Jstor.  

You will receive an email message from Jstor to provide the access to these publications. If you do not receive the notification within 30 days please contact  In addition, ASALH will send a reminder to retrieve the JStor access email through Constant Contact.  The key is sent once, please retrieve the information  from JStor and save to access the Bulletin. 


If you have not already done so you can subscribe to print copies of the JAAH and/or BHB for an additional $20 each. These print volumes at $20 each, may be ordered at ASALH Online or by contacting us at

Members also enjoy the following.

  • Discounts on conference registration and the ability to present your work and to participate in the authors’  book signing.
  • Discounts on ads in the conference souvenir journal.
  • Priority scheduling of ASALH speakers/lecturers from our Speakers Bureau.
  • Free Online posting of your events to the ASALH Community Board.
  • Ability to join an ASALH Branch. Consider joining or starting a branch in your area.

Members can proudly wear the ASALH membership pin. Order one for only $10 from our website. 

Most of the information that you will receive from ASALH will be sent via email. Please be sure to keep us abreast of any changes to your email address and your mailing address.  

Information on ASALH and our events can be found at .

We have branches throughout the United States.  In order to join a branch, you must first be a member of ASALH National, then you must pay the branch dues [if applicable].  If interested, contact the branch representative of your choice listed on our branch directory for their meeting notices.  Take your receipt to the meeting to show proof of your National Membership.  Then you are eligible to join the branch.

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