28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History II

Dr. Latorial Faison

28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History: Volume 2 is a profound collection of some of the most commemorative poetry you’ll find on Black History. This author gives us 28 more poetic renditions celebrating the history of Africans in America. 28 Days II will give you a poetic glimpse into of the lives of late, great figures in history like Sojourner Truth and George Washington Carver as well as a poetic recollection of the struggle of both slavery and the Jim Crow era in America. This interesting and empowering collection is a must have for students and teachers. Readers will learn and enjoy the sound and rhythms that resonate through this collection.28 Days II is a Black History lesson at best, something for readers and historians of all ages. Learn a little more about your history, and share the gift with others.

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