Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham

Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
ASALH President, Harvard University
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Mrs. Barbara Spencer Dunn
Vice President for Membership, Membership Committee Chair, Co-Chair Historic Sites Committee
Prince Georges County Truth Branch

Dr. Lionel Kimble, Jr.
Vice President for Programs
Chicago State University

Dr. Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead
Loyola University


Mr. Gilbert Smith
Washington, DC

Ms. Sylvia Y. Cyrus
Executive Director
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Executive Council Members

Class of 2019

Dr. Sundiata Cha-Jua, Co-Chair Strategic Planning Committee
University of Illinois, Urbanna

Ms. Zende Clark, Co-Chair Governance Committee
Newark, NJ

Dr. Natanya Duncan, Vice-Chair Academic Program Committee
Lehigh University

Dr. Cheryl  Gooch, Chair Publications Committee
Delaware  Historical  Society

Dr. Robert L. Harris, Jr., Co-Chair Development Committee
Cornell University (retired)

Dr. Anton House
Howard University

Mrs. Gladys Mack, Chair Annual Luncheon Host Committee Co-Chair, Human Resources Committee
Washington, DC

Class of 2020

Ms. Gloria Browne-Marshall, Chair 400 Years of Perseverance Committee
The Manhattan Branch of ASALH

Ms. LaNesha DeBardelaben
Northwest African American Museum, Seattle, WA

Dr. Bettye Gardner, Carter G. Woodson House Committee Chair, Co-Chair Historic Sites Committee
Coppin State University (Professor Emerita)

Mrs. Susan Simms Marsh, Esq., Co-Chair Governance Committee
Pennsylvania American Water

Dr. Sheila Flemming-Hunter, Chair Awards Committee
Blackrose Foundation

Dr. Jarvis Givens
Harvard University

Mr. Moses Massenburg
Michigan State University

Dr. Gladys Gary Vaughn, Co-Chair Luncheon Committee 
Cabin John, MD


Class of 2021

Jeff Banks, Chair Audit Finance Committee, Chair Conference Oversight Committee
Washington, DC

Ms. Aaisha Haykal, Co-Chair Program Committee
College of Charleston

Dr. Eric Jackson
Northern Kentucky State University

Dr. Edna Greene Medford
Howard University

Dr. Annette Palmer, Co-Chair Nominating Committee
Morgan State University (retired)

Mrs. Anita Shepherd, Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee
Bank of America
James Weldon Johnson Branch of ASALH