2022-2024 Executive Council Officers

Dr. W. Marvin Dulaney

ASALH President

Development/Event Oversight Committee Chair
Planning Committee Chair

Dr. Ida E. Jones

Vice President for Membership

Membership Committee Chair

Ms. Aaisha Haykal

Vice President for Programs

Woodson House Committee Chair, Program Planning/Annual Theme Committee Chair

Ms. Valerie Holt


Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead


Human Resources Committee Chair

Ms. Sylvia Y. Cyrus

Executive Director

Executive Council Members

Class of 2026

Natanya Duncan
Queens College

Nominating Committee Chair

Lionel Kimble
Chicago State University and The Chicago Urban League

Governance Committee Chair

Karen Cook Bell
Bowie State University

Gladys Gary Vaughn
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Washington, DC

Festival Luncheon Committee Co-Chair

Daryl Michael Scott
Morgan State University

Academic Program Committee Chair

Augustus C. Wood
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anthony Cade II
United States Air Force

Aisha Johnson
Georgia Institute of Technology

John E. Adams
Infrastructure Engineering Inc. (IEI)

Tomiko Meeks

Tomiko Meeks
Howard University

Class of 2025

Ms. Denise Rolark Barnes
The Washington Informer

Prof. Lyman A. Brodie
Orlando Philharmonic

Dr. Cornelius L. Bynum
Purdue University

Awards Committee Chair

Dr. Deirdre Foreman
Manhattan Branch of ASALH

Public Commentary Committee Chair

Dr. Zebulon Vance Miletsky
Stony Brook University

Marketing/PR Committee Chair

Dr. Kenvi Phillips

Dr. Kenvi Phillips
Brown University

Walter Lanier
African American Leadership Alliance of Milwaukee

James Morgan

James Morgan
International African American Museum

Class of 2024

Mr. Jeffrey A. Banks
Industrial Bank

Dr. Jarvis R. Givens
Harvard University

ASALH Book Award Committee Chair

Dr. Sundiata K. Cha-Jua
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Rev. Anita Shepherd
James Weldon Johnson Branch

Membership Committee Co-Chair
Audit and Finance Committee Chair

Dr. Lopez D. Matthews, Jr.
District of Columbia Archives

ASALH TV Committee Chair

Norka Blackman-Richard
Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program (Search for Education Elevation and Knowledge), 4 Real Women International

Albert Thompson

Albert Thompson
New York University

Class of 2023

Prof. Gloria J. Browne-Marshall Esq.


Dr. Gregory Mixon
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Dr. Gladys Gary Vaughn
Cabin John, MD

Dr. David Walton
Western Carolina University

Dr. Tara White
University of North Carolina Wilmington