The ASALH Book Prize for the best new book in African American history and culture

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) is launching a new book award, which will be awarded annually. The ASALH Book Prize will recognize an outstanding book that engages the archival record to illuminate and analyze African Americans’ social, political, and cultural realities. While an engagement with archives is required, the selection committee welcomes scholarship from across disciplinary and interdisciplinary boundaries.

We are interested in books that model some of the following general criteria: rigorous and imaginative approaches to this field of study; books that have clear implications for how we teach and represent specific aspects of African American history and culture; books that are beautifully written; books that have the capacity to introduce important aspects of African American experiences to broad publics; books that use sharp analyses of African American history and culture to speak boldly to the contemporary moment; books that engage with new and/or previously underutilized archives; and books that use particular experiences in African American history and culture to illuminate universal aspects of the human experience.

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