Executive Council Officers

Dr. W. Marvin Dulaney

ASALH President

Dr. Ida E. Jones

Vice President for Membership

Ms. Aaisha Haykal

Vice President for Programs

Ms. Valerie Holt


Mrs. Susan Simms Marsh, Esq.


Ms. Sylvia Y. Cyrus

Executive Director

Executive Council Members

Class of 2024

Mr. Jeffrey A. Banks
United Bank

Ms. Tarshel Beards
Chicago State University

Dr. Jarvis R. Givens
Harvard University

Dr. Sundiata K. Cha-Jua
University of Illinois

Mr. Omar Eaton-Martinez
American Alliance of Museums

Dr. Lopez D. Matthews, Jr.
Howard University

Dr. Arwin D. Smallwood
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
(2-year term to fill a vacated position in 2021)

Class of 2023

Ms. Gloria Browne-Marshall Esq.
The Manhattan Branch of ASALH

Mr. Charles Ferrell
Pan African Heritage World Museum

Mrs. Susan Simms Marsh, Esq.
Pennsylvania American Water

Mr. Moses Massenburg
Michigan State University

Dr. Gladys Gary Vaughn
Cabin John, MD

Dr. David Walton

Western Carolina University

Dr. Tara White

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Class of 2022

Ms. Denise Rolark Barnes
The Washington Informer

Ms. Zende Clark
Manhattan Branch of ASALH

Dr. Natanya Duncan
Queens College City University of NY

Dr. Anton House
Delaware State University

Dr. Randal Maurice Jelks
University of Kansas

Mrs. Gladys Mack
Washington, DC

Dr. Zebulon Vance Miletsky
Stony Brook University

Ms. Camesha Scruggs
University of Massachusetts, Amherst