Alexis Clipper has been selected to participate in the inaugural cohort of the Executive Leadership Academy, a program offered by The Advanced Leadership Academy and Carnegie Mellon University.

The purpose of the Executive Leadership Academy is to prepare high performing African American leaders for executive advancement and build the pipeline of African American leadership for C-Suite positions in the Pittsburgh region. This program was created as an answer to Pittsburgh’s challenges with retention of African American executives. Less than one-tenth of one percent of Pittsburgh’s corporate leadership is African American.

As part of this leadership training, Alexis Clipper has been given the homework assignment, to complete a “Reflected Best Self Exercise” (RBSE). The RBSE is a personal development tool that helps people see who they are at their best, engaging individuals to live and work from this powerful place daily. Created from research at the Center for Positive Organizations (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan), the RBSE has helped thousands of executives, managers, employees, and students discover new potential.

Please email and let her know if you agree to participate.