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Our Authors Study Club, an organization dedicated to making the world more aware of, more connected to, and more invested in the African American and the African diaspora experience, announced today that Dr. Donald Singleton, an educator at Dorsey High for 26 years, will be discussing the advocacy for and significance of teaching AP African American Studies on the First Things First Morning Show with Dominique DiPrima on Wednesday, October 25th at 8am. Tune in to KBLA1580; listen online at www.KBLA1580.com or watch live stream on: https://www.youtube.com/@KBLA1580.

Dr. Singleton, who has taught African American history and AP classes numerous times, describes the opportunity to teach AP African American Studies as a new and exciting experience. He emphasizes that AP African American Studies is just as rigorous and time-intensive as the other 35 AP classes. Singleton, who has been an AP instructor for 20 years and has worked with College Board as an AP U.S. Government and Politics Reader for nine years. He is a College Board National AP Advocate Lead, holds a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School and has taught at Dorsey High School for 26 years. Singleton has traveled the country explaining the importance of Advanced Placement classes to policymakers as an AP Advocate. When the College Board contacted him in November 2021 to ask if he would be interested in teaching a pilot course for their newest class, he enthusiastically accepted.

Dominique DiPrima is currently the host and producer of First Things First with Dominique DiPrima on KBLA Talk 1580 where she is making radio history as the first African-American woman to host a commercial drive-time talk radio show in Los Angeles. Prior to helping to launch Tavis Smiley’s talk radio startup, Dominique was host and producer of the early morning talk show The Front Page with Dominique DiPrima on Stevie Wonder’s Los Angeles radio station KJLH 102.3-FM for 17 years. In addition, Ms. DiPrima acted as Co-Host and Senior Producer for the syndicated Michael Baisden Show and Co-host and News Director for The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Dominique DiPrima has been bridging worlds her whole life. Born in New York City but raised in California, her mother is Beat poet/feminist Diane DiPrima, and her dad, writer Amiri Baraka, is considered the father of the Black Arts Movement. The daughter of two activists and of two coasts, of an African American father and an Italian American mother, she has a unique perspective.

Ms. DiPrima loves talking to people from all walks of life, it’s a skill she perfected while attending 16 different schools by the time she graduated from twelfth grade. Dominique is deeply involved in her community, emceeing, speaking and participating at countless non-profit events and fundraisers.

Our Authors Study Club recognizes the importance of highlighting African American history and culture through education. By advocating for Dr. Singleton’s dialogue with Ms. DiPrima on the First Things First Morning Show, the OASC aims to ignite conversations and raise awareness about the African and African American experience.

The company stands against the dilution of Black history, heritage and legacy that has been underrepresented in mainstream history, literature, and media. It also advocates for the inclusion of Black lives in libraries, museums, schools, and media, ensuring that institutionalized bias is not perpetuated. Our Authors Study Club believes that Black History is not just a part of American history, but it is American history.

According to Lura Daniels Ball, President of Our Authors Study Club, “We are thrilled to have Dr. Singleton share his insights on the significance of teaching AP African American Studies. It is crucial that we recognize
and honor the contributions of Black Americans past present and future. By empowering educators and promoting the Black experience, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society.”

Looking ahead, Our Authors Study Club is committed to expanding its efforts in raising awareness and connecting people to the African American and the African diaspora experience. OASC will continue to create opportunities for everyone to experience African American history through culture, scholarship, technology, and research. By amplifying the contributions of Black Americans, Our Authors Study Club aims to inspire future generations and ensure a more comprehensive understanding of American history.

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Lura Daniels Ball, President
Our Authors Study Club, Inc.

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