Dorie Ladner
June 28, 1942 – March 11, 2024

Friends of Dorie Ladner,

Dorie Ann Ladner, our sister, passed away Monday, March 11, 2024.  She was special in her fierce battles against racism and white supremacy. The great lesson she taught throughout her life was that you could fight; that there were deep wells of strength inside yourself and inside your community that you could reach into for sustenance.

The loss and pain we feel is certainly real and we will all be conveying this in the many different ways we exist in this world today. The bottom line truth though, is that we all existed in Dorie’s universe—within her courage, her commitment, her strength, her love, yes, her great love of us and ours of her. We still do.

Missing her is not the point. Of course we miss her. But we will continue on knowing that her presence is always with us. And that’s always been the real point of her life. Dorie was always there for us and we believe she still is.

The links below provide information on the work of Dorie Ladner